Our little family

Our little family

Monday, January 30, 2012

To the Zoo!!

On Martin Luther King day we were invited to join the Cowan family for a drive through zoo and petting zoo trip!
 Tatum loved the tiny monkey. She later got to see it drinking from a bottle.

 Titus wanted to eat the bread instead of throwing it to the animals.

Baby white tiger
 Titus did not like the Ostriches during the drive through but he loved throwing them bread in the walk through.
 Titus was not feeling a picture with Momma.

They found a little rabbit under the rock.

The crew!
If you look real close the back one has a baby in her pouch. So sweet!
What a fun trip!!

Kid funnies - As I was trying last years bathing suites on Tatum she looked down at her bikini and said I don't like this one. It kinda shows me to much.

When a phrase or word is said it triggers a song for me. I love to sing and play with the kids. Last night Tatum said something and I started a song. She said "Oh brother! Now your gonna sing"!! She has me figured out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My babies!

We measured you both the other night and both have grown so much in one year! It is hard to believe you've had such big growth spurts.

Tatum you were so excited to get back to school after break. You are loving being with friends and your teacher. You are quite the social butterfly. Today you decided to rearrange your room. I guess you were tired of the same ole same ole. That's okay because Mommy likes to change things up every so often as well. You did a great job and I think we will keep it that way. While I was sitting at the table with you brother you came running in so excited and yelling "look what I just learned Momma!!" You were snapping you fingers and are pretty good at it. I am a proud Momma! You are such a sweet heart that truly cares about others and their feelings. You are so funny but you don't want us to laugh at your cuteness. You haven't figured out yet that we aren't laughing at you just at how sweet and cute you are precious one.

Last week while at Papa Wayne and Nanny Carol's, Papa was telling Titus not to kiss his momma because that's his momma. He does the same thing with Nanny because he knows Ty will run right over and start kissing us just to prove Papa wrong. Papa gets a kick out of that and messing with Titus. While he was telling Titus not to kiss me, Tatum you said "Papa, Titus can kiss momma because he was born with her in her tummy"

I hope you always feel this way about Momma kissing on you and loving you. You told me the other day that I was the best little momma. I said I hope you think that when you are 16. You told me you will always think that! :)

Titus you are really changing and growing lately. There isn't anything you can't say and you speak in full sentences now. You make us laugh constantly. You are still struggling with going #2 in the potty but I know you will get there. For some reason you just don't want to go at all you just want to hold it in. I have been worried but I am hearing from a lot of people this is normal for boys. So in the mean time lots of fiber for you. I wish I could put a recording on here of you sweet little sayings but I just can't catch them when your talking every time. I just want to remember how you say or ask if we like something.

You were sharing jelly beans at Nanny's last week with Pap. He didn't really want one but you sweet little face was watching his every move. He ate and you asked "You likea that?" Papa thought it was the cutest and said isn't he the sweetest thing? I agree you are. Don't get me wrong though you are all boy and only want boy things. You wouldn't eat Tatum's gum the other day because you said it's girl gum. It took me a minute to figure out it was pink. So you picked out your own blue kind at the grocery store the next visit. This cracks everyone up because you have figured such things out at such a young age and I'm not sure we taught you that. Maybe Daddy did, I don't know.

You went #2 in the potty a few times last week. One day you ran in telling me you needed a ishy (fishy). I could not figure out why. I thought your little friends had one or you wanted to eat some little gold fish crackers. You said it again and I asked why? You said "umm uh cuz". Daddy finally filled me in on what was going on. If you go for several days in the potty you will get a fish like cousin Livy did when she potty trained.

I love you both so much and I am so proud of the sweet children you are and are becoming. Parenting is the hardest job your Daddy and I have ever had but we are so honored that the Lord entrusted us with the two of you. I know we mess up at times but we are continually learning the same as you. I worry constantly over the things you will face and already do but I know you are in the Lord's hands. You and your Daddy are in my continual prayers all day every day. I often think back when Daddy and I were first married and think what did we do? Our lives had to of been boring. Well we were never bored but surely we did not laugh as often as we do now. I love the house full of your little giggles and conversations. I listen in on the two of you playing and talking to each other. I hope to always remember your sweet little chatter. I will always love you more!!

Okay resolution time

Okay I feel like since everyone else did it I should post my goals/resolutions as well. The past few years and at other times Dan and I have made resolutions. I have never put them out there for others to see mainly because I might not make it. Last year we decided to go without drinking pop for a full year. I also decided I would stick with my work out for a full year. Dan got on board with that too and we are happy to say we both accomplished both goals. We have worked out a full year and have not drank pop. Well we did take one day off in June while on vacation and both had a sprite. (It was not worth it by the way.) Here we are ten days into the new year and still have not had any pop.With this goal of working out for a full year I accomplished more then I ever thought possible such as a 15k and a half marathon. Okay since we are on the health that is where I will start.

1. This year I plan to stick with working out and to learn more and more about our physical health.

2. Along with #1 I am trying to cook much healthier. So far pinterest has helped a ton with this. I am also trying lots of new recipes. I want to teach my children the importance of healthy bodies and eating.

3. This goal is the most important, I believe. I want to stick with a devotional and keep up to date with it. I want to set aside that important time with God every single day. I am also on day 11 with the church reading plan. I want to join my church family in reading the Bible through in 2012. So far I am sticking to it and want to continue. I hate that this will probably be the hardest resolution for me. I am still working on when the best time for me will be. I have tried morning, afternoon and night. I am thinking nap time is the best time. It's quiet in the house and I have that a lone time to spend with my savior. I turn my phone off and the computer off during this time.

4. I have also started a prayer journal. In the past I have jotted down different prayer requests on all different random places. This year I have a specific journal for just prayer requests. I am excited to look back and see how God has moved in different situations.

5. Of course I also want to enjoy every possible minute with my husband and babies as they grow and change through out this next year and try to get it all recorded on here.

There you have it folks but no in order of importance by any means. Happy New 2012. I can't wait to see what this year holds for everyone!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One last Christmas post

Here is one last Christmas post just because I like these pictures

I love this picture of my Nanny Carol and Titus. 
 Here is Tatum at her School program. She said her lines so well.

Here is Christmas afternoon at my parents house. Tatum and Hadley did great but Titus wanted no part of that picture.
Tatum and cousin Addy looking so pretty. Titus got in a much better mood once he warmed up.
Here is a random shot of us decorating cookies. Titus ate more then he decorated. Not sure why he has no clothes on. My apologies.
Here is a four generation picture of Stokes Men.

That wraps it up for Christmas and the year 2011!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Continued

Sorry to have left everyone hanging on the Christmas project. A few posts back you saw me running a chainsaw cutting down trees and here we are removing bark from the trees. It was a family project.
We have worked on this project since October. Dan deserves majority of the credit. He did all the heavy lifting and a ton of "debarking". I don't know if that's even a word!
  Here is my Mom and Nanny sitting on Mom and Dad's swing Christmas Day. The chains still needed to be adjusted so it would sit straight but we just needed pic. This one was from Lee, Heather, Dan and I.
This is the picture I found on Pinterest that Dan went off of to design the swings. 

We also made a stand for Phil and Dianna. Dustin made the actual swing and he did an awesome job! It's gorgeous!!

Maybe one day this spring we will cut a few trees down to make more. I'd love to have one in our yard as well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Titus when he first saw his gifts sitting out in the living room.
 Here is Tatum checking out her black sparkly shoes and treasure box with candy in it. That is exactly what she asked for from Santa.

 The kids picked out an OSU shirt and hat.

Whew what a whirlwind but I have to say this was one of the most fun Christmas' I can remember. This year we took the time to make our parents Christmas gifts with the help of my new favorite sight -Pinterest. Not only that but both of my kids were so much fun this year. Their little expressions and excitement were priceless. We truly enjoyed every moment and tried to soak it all in. I hope to never forget the sweet innocence of my children this Christmas.

More December Days- Dan aka Buddy the Elf

I do not talk nearly enough about my hubby on here. I happen to think he is a pretty great guy. He makes me and the kids laugh all the time. He's handsome, loving, kind, fun, tall, smart, witty, hard working, has a big heart, always willing to lend a hand, and in my opionion a great teacher as well. Not only to our children but to the ones he teaches at school.
Dan's favorite Christmas movie is Elf. The entire month of December he showed clips from the movie to his students. The last week of school was a fun spirit week. He decided he wanted to dress up like Buddy the Elf to drive the bus and teach before school was out for break.
 The night before "Buddy" showed up at school we decorated his entire classroom with paper chains and snow flakes like on the movie. Thank you to Katie and his first hour class for helping us make these beautiful decorations.
 Now if that is not a fun teacher I don't know what is! Dianna (mother in law) made the costume for him. I was on a mission to find tights for a 6'6" guy in yellow. I settled for a white pair and dyed them yellow. They turned out perfect and Dianna did a spectacular job on the outfit. Tatum was so proud that her Daddy was Buddy the Elf for a day and Titus was a little scared of the wig. He wasn't a fan of Buddy! This made my day and still makes me laugh every time I see the pictures. I never dreamed my hubby would be in an elf costume. I think all the students loved it and I know his bus route kids thought it was great. Thank you Dan for being such a fun teacher and showing the students and our kids it's okay to enjoy your job and life.
I love you Dan the Man :)