Our little family

Our little family

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working Momma!

 Last week I was sitting on the front porch talking to my Nanny when this beauty walked right by me. She looked at me like what are you doing in my yard! I love our yard and the space. I love that we have lots of green grass and plenty of room to run and play. It so pretty this time of year.
Titus and I were swinging in the back yard and it stuck me how little he still is and how small his tiny legs and feet are. I had to snap a picture so I can remember one day that his legs didn't always touch the ground.
 The company I used to work for called last week and asked if I could fill in this week. I agreed but at the same time was a little bummed because Dan would be on spring break all week. We decided to slip in a little fun so I could play too before the rain started and before I was in the working world again for the week. Papaw Phil has a new pond and we needed to check it out. We drug the little boat out there and went for a ride.

Duke and Daisy thought they needed to ride a long with us. The pond wasn't full yet but we had fun anyways. When we got close to the bank Tatum would say "lets get back out to sea!

Today is Wednesday and it is my third day of working. It has been so much fun visiting with friends and coworkers. At the same time I feel like I am missing out on the fun. Dan took the kids to the aquarium yesterday and sent me videos which is nice so I do feel more involved. Today they are talking about going to a bounce house.

I love getting to fill in and dress up. It has been like a small vacation for me. I have enjoyed seeing coworkers and catching up with them on what has been going on in their lives. I have missed them and my job. I always enjoyed getting up and going to work.  At the same time I know that I am not ready to go back in the working world full time. Who knows maybe a part time something will open for me one day. For now my job as a Mommy is the best job in the world and I love it!!

A side note on the working world front: It's not everyday that you get to talk to someone taking care of the presidents affairs. Since Barak Obama will be in the area, a woman called to inform the company that everything in that county will be shut down because the president will be in town.

Monday, March 19, 2012

First 5K with my Dad!

Here is my Mom and Dad at the St Patty's day race March 17th getting ready to cross the finish line! I am so proud of them both. They did a great job and finished in a good time!

As most of you know my Mom had a heart attack last summer and scared us all to death! It has since changed our way of thinking and our lives. I know for sure it has for my parents and even Dan and I. We had already committed to working out for a full year but after this with Mom it drove me even more. I started running races and trying even harder to get in shape and stay there. I want to be a good example for my family. My Mom has recovered great and looks great too! She is working out around 6 days a week. I am proud of her for working hard and taking care of her body. I want her around a LONG time!! I plan to live in the apartment next door to them in our retirement home someday!!

I never thought we would talk Dad into a race with us either but he works out with my Mom and he is doing and looking awesome.  Mom has been working out for several years and has done 5K's before. This was Dad's first time to join us and I think he liked it. I don't think this will be his last!
Here we all are after the race. Dad, Mom, Me and Aunt Vickie (Dad's sister) Vickie and I did our first ever 5K together six years ago. It was so much fun. Our goal was to just finish. Her fast walk is my jog. I don't know how she walks to fast!! It's crazy! She just about killed me! (maybe not but I thought so) I am excited about this new year of races with family and friends.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March is Here!

The weather has been so good here lately! We have been having a great time playing in the sunshine, but my poor babies have had ear infections and breathing troubles. They are much better now but Tatum takes after her momma and the allergies are rough at times on her.
Here is Tatum doing a breathing treatment while watching Titus play.
Daddy stretched out Titus' new train set to see how big they could make it. The kids loved it! The living room was full for a few days. It is condensed back down to regular size now and in Titus' room.
I asked Tatum to clean her room. She did and decorated her own bed. She loved it so much she wanted a picture with it.
 I told the kids we could go outside for an adventure last week. Tatum ran to get ready and this is what she came out with. She wanted pictures of her outfit. She posed and then said "take another one with my hands off my hips." She's so funny but it's not quite warm enough for this attire yet.
 Our adventure took us out into the pasture to throw rocks in the pond and to check out all the wild flowers coming up. Then through the field over to the creek. On the way we saw some bones and wondered and discussed what they could be from. Along the way we found good walking sticks to poke in the water and throw. They wanted to walk in the water so bad but settled for seeing how big of splash they could make with the rocks.
 Saturday was the first 5K of the season for us. Dianna did her first one with us and finished in great time. It was full of hills but the weather was great and we'll get better as the year goes on.
Dan, Dianna and Gary all medalist for their age groups! Way to go!!
Daddy came home for lunch on Monday. Tatum got new pj's and she had to put them on and wear them all day. She fixed her own headband up with lots of bows and if you look closely she has bright pink eye shadow on. She loves playing dress up and getting all fixed up. She says she's a fashionista. That's what one of her friends at school says.
Yesterday we did manicures and pedicures. I love those sweet little toes. I have never been a feet person but my kids feet are the most precious things! I know they won't always be but for now they are so little and cute.
 My little man loves tiny foot massages. He sits still for a long time and wants his little feet rubbed.
Playing a game together. They have their fair share of fusses throughout the day but for the majority of the time they are each others best friend.
 I asked Tatum what she wants to be when she grows up and she said her and Livy are going to be ballerinas.

While watching Mickey Mouse Club House the other day Tatum asked what Pete was? I said I think he is a dog like Goofy. Wanting to be nice she said "Oh well Goofy must work out."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My baby boy is 3!!!

On Friday before Titus' birthday we met some of my family at a train restaurant called Ollie's. It was so much fun and Titus loved it. The party theme this year was trains. He loves all things trains.
 Here is Titus and Dan seeing the trains circle around the place for the first time.

Ally, Tatum and Papa Wayne checking out some of the train displays.
 Saturday was party day!! So much fun!! Titus was so excited! Every time a family member or friend walked in he took them over to look at his cake and told them it was his birthday. He was so cute! I tried to watch and soak in everything he did. I hope I can look back and always remember this fun day. Three has been so much fun already.

Above is the cupcake cake and pictures from this past year of the birthday boy. He has grown and changed a ton. Some big accomplishments were really starting to talk and put together sentences, potty training, leaning to ride a bike (with training wheels of course), riding Ginger (horse) all by himself and I am sure so much more. I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up and his response was "umm umm spider man." That sounds great to me little man :)
 My handsome birthday boy with his cake and ready to blow out candles.
Titus with friends and cousins! They are ready for some cake and ice cream.

 What a precious little man you are Titus. Mommy and Daddy are so truly blessed to have you and sister in our lives. We love you both so much and could not imagine one day with out you. I pray this next year brings you protection, joy, friends, family and lots more fun experiences. You make me laugh on a daily basis and I am so proud of you. You have now figured out going #2 in the potty and are so proud to be doing it. You still like to put a sticker on the chart every time and feed your fish Nanny Wanda got you for a bday present. You keep telling everyone your a big boy not a baby, including the checker at Homeland.

You were in need of some new tennis shoes and Daddy had some specific ones in mind. You on the other hand wanted the spider man high tops. I did not buy the spider man shoes because they were a little pricey there. Aunt Heather did come to the rescue and buy some light up ones. You love them and every time they light up you ask if we saw that? Then you tell us its your shoes. Daddy and I bought the other shoes and you love them too. When you opened them you yelled "Me like them"! Made our day! We thought we would be taking them back.

While I am cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen I like to play music. You are a great dance partner. You love joining me your always saying "dance Momma, again, again,"

During our bed time routine we always say prayers and sing a song. You pick up songs really fast. Your favorites for Mommy are "Jesus Loves Me" and "Baby Mine". You love for Daddy to sing "Who Could Do". Our new favorite family song is "Give Me Jesus" and you know every single word and enjoy singing along to it.

I am excited to teach you even more songs and games through out this next year. I love you baby of mine higher then the moon.