Our little family

Our little family

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Half Marathon

Last Sunday Katie and I ran the Tulsa Route 66 half marathon (13mi). Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would run that far. When I started running last year it was never my intentions to run long distances. My plan was to get in shape for some 5K's and do a few of them through the year. My main goal was to get in shape for summer. For my New Year's resolution I decided I wanted to work out for a full year. I always start the year off great and trail off by summer or fall. I've never stayed consistent. I spent a lot of time on the treadmill last winter and then moved to some outside runs once summer hit. I went for a few runs while in Branson, at church camp and I took off the week we went to Disney. I did enough walking to compensate. I usually use vacations as a chance to slack. I have gotten so used to running or doing Taebo that I feel guilty if I don't do it. I could never have stepped up my mileage if it weren't for Katie. She has helped push me and kept me going. Thank you Katie for motivating me and pushing me to achieve more. I couldn't ask for a better workout/running partner. I love my bff and the time we spend together.

Katie asked if I wanted to do the Tulsa Run (15K/9mi) with her. I reluctantly agreed because I was unsure of myself and if I could go that far. Every time the marathon was mentioned I just blew it off never thinking it was attainable for me. After the 9mi run we did 10 miles to stay in shape and because Katie had signed up for the half marathon. I figured I would just support her and shoot for 10 miles. I did it! I made it 10 miles. So the week before Route 66 I signed up to run the half with her. I was scared to death all week long. I have never gone that far and was scared I couldn't do it. My goal was to make it 10 miles during that run with out stopping. I did it, I made my goal. We got a drink and walked a few minutes. Cris a friend from church also ran with us. Thank you Katie and Cris for staying with me and helping me to complete this goal. Katie and I crossed the finish line together. I've been so excited all week and want to run more now that the race is over. I am so proud of us stay at home mommy's for setting a goal and attaining it. Congrats Katie for all you have accomplished this year. I am so proud of you! If we can do it anyone can do it!

Here we come! Cris, me and Katie
There we go crossing the finish line. Our actual time was 2:33:15. We started on the third gun shot.

Here we are getting our finishers medals

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our weekend at the Mayo and The play Memphis

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from my sweet hubby asking me to attend a night out to the Broadway show Memphis and a night at the Mayo hotel. I have been so fascinated by this hotel for years. I have watched all the news stories on it and wanted to one day stay there. I love history of all kinds. Tulsa history and architecture is beautiful. I never knew what great gems were in T-town until I took humanities in college and we took a tour of downtown. So many gorgeous buildings.

When you walk through the grand entry this is the first thing you see. Such a gorgeous lobby. The owners did a great job of capturing how the hotel looked in the twenties.
This is a view looking down from the second floor.
The lobby chandeliers and ceiling were gorgeous and I love the scrolling on the walls

These are the original elevator doors.
Here is a picture of the ballroom back in the thirties.
Here is a picture of the ballroom Saturday. I so wish I would have taken it from the same direction as the the old picture was taken. Those are the original chandeliers they were able to salvage.

Here is a picture of the hotel and the Mayo sign as we were pulling back up from our show.
We went up on the roof top patio and took pics in front of the sign.
View of the BOK Center out our window.
Me standing on the grand staircase
 The above are room pictures. It was lovely.

The cute little coffee shop just off the lobby.
We had so much fun and wanted to stay longer. Thank you to my sweet hubby for such an awesome weekend. We shopped, ate, watched a show and felt like a little part of history. The show was terrific. We loved all the music in it. The cast was outstanding. I would definitely recommend it.

The Reba concert was the same night. The next morning we found out that Reba checked in after her concert! The valet guy told us that the limo out front was hers. We waited for a bit but she never came out. We had to get on to a wedding so couldn't wait on the celebrity sighting.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tulsa Run and Halloween

Saturday October 29th on Dan's 29th birthday we ran 9 miles at the Tulsa Run. This a huge feat for me. Just a few years ago I never dreamed I would ever make it 3 miles. Katie and I have been training lots for this race and ran lots of miles leading up to it. Our friends Jay and Erika joined us on this race. They have been working hard as well. Cris a friend from church did it as well.
Jay and Erika were the first to cross the finish line.
Katie crossed next
Then Dan and I
Here we are discussing the race and our group picture. I'm not sure why Cris is so far back. Left to right : Cris, Dan, Jay (Reno 911), Erika, Launi and Katie!
The three of us in our matching outfits! Way to go girls!!! I'm so proud of you!! You girls did awesome!! Thank you Dan for running with me. You were a trooper and I'm proud of you for finishing with me on your birthday!!


Off to trick or treating
At our first house. Titus saw Batman and kept telling him "Me Spiderman"
Minnie and Spider Man

This is what to much candy does to them. Lots of wrestling. They had a great time.
This wraps up another Halloween. The kids were a blast this year. Titus didn't want to wear a costume at first until he saw everyone else wearing one. After that he was ready to put on his spidy costume.

Day 4 and the following week

Sunday we attended Elianna's baby dedication. Such an honor to be a part of this day. She stole the show in her beautiful red dress with the feather in her hair. Maybe I'm partial but I thought she was the cutest baby up there!!

Here is Tatum and cousin Ellie Sunday after church.
After a full weekend of no naps and lots of activity Titus and Livy were two sleepy babies. Such sweet little tired babies. They slept a long time on the way home. Katie and I some how got separated from everyone else and took the long way through down town Dallas. Those roads are little stressful. Thanks to a kind police officer at a gas station that set us back on the right track.

Birthday week/Trunk or Treat week
We left TX with a new friend. This is Duke, he even smiled for the picture. David and Marcia sent Duke back to live on Stokes' farm. We live furthest from the highway and have a garage (He's new to outside living) so our place was voted his new home. He has adjusted well and we are adjusting well to him. He now knows he is an outside dog and seems to be fine with the garage at night. He stays right with us where ever we go and loves playing with the kids. He is there new constant companion.
Titus found a rope to play with but doesn't understand why Duke is trying to take it. He didn't not like the tug of war game!

Tatum is watching the scene play out and doesn't get why Titus doesn't just play.
Dan is back hard at work on the Christmas project. I bet your starting to wonder what it could be! Well just gonna have to wait! Christmas secrets!!!
Wednesday night was my birthday and also Trunk or Treat at the church. Such a fun day full of phone calls, texts, facebook messages and flowers from my hubby. Thank you all for making me feel special.
Tatum decided Minnie Mouse was her costume of choice this year.
I found this cute hair on pinterest and thought it was to cute not to try.

Titus was Spider Man this year and loved the muscles. He kept showing them off. That's what's he's doing in the above pic. He kept saying strong and flexing! Livy was Tinkerbell this year. Such cute little Disney Characters they all are this year!!