Our little family

Our little family

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tatum's first week of school

Last Thursday was your first day of wee school Tatum. Yes, I was one of those crying Moms. I was excited for you to start and learn fun new stuff but at the same time it makes me so sad how quickly your growing. You have since attended three times and love it! You have learned the letter "i" and the number "1" so far. Next week is on to "u" and "2 & 3". We have already started working on them so you will be ready for Tuesday.
On our way to meet your teacher
Titus went to meet the teacher night with us and loved all the toys in the class room.
 Tatum meeting Ms. Karen and getting a welcome gift at meet the teacher night.
 Checking out your class room
 Getting ready for first day of school
 First day of Wee school. All ready to go!
On your way to the first day of school. Putting on your lip gloss.
Meeting new friends the first day of school.
You walked right into class like a big girl. Daddy's school hadn't started yet, Mommy and Daddy were able to both drop you off the first day. So far you have been excited for school and ready for the next time. Your making lots of new friends and the one you talk about the most is Abby. You said Jarrett plays with you and Abby on the play ground. You love to paint and all the new songs your learning. You have came home each day with a new saying or song. You are picking up on everything. I am so proud of you. You are such a sweet loving little girl that cares about others and their feelings. I pray that you always have a kind heart and stay sensitive to others. Thank you for being such a sweet heart. I love you so much and I am excited to watch you grow and learn this school year.

After dropping Tatum off the first day Titus said "Me school" with a sad look. I told him he wasn't old enough yet and then asked what he would do there. He said "Don't know" then thought a few minutes and said "see Taytay" He already misses sister and isn't sure what to do with out her. Tuesday Olivia came over and played with you. Thursday you went with Mommy to run errands and then we had fun day at the park until time to pick up Tatum.
 Just a swinging
Feeding the ducks leftover pop tart
Sitting on a park bench watching the ducks swim and eat

Titus we are going to have lots of fun times this year. We don't get time just the two of us often so I am going to try to make it special every week. I love you so much. You are so such a little joy in my life. Our first day at the park was so much fun. You just talked and talked. I don't think I have ever heard you say that much at one time. You are growing and maturing so quickly. I enjoy having my boy time and playing boy toys with you. It's fun to see the huge differences between you and Tatum and watching your own little personality show. Your my handsome little man and I thank you for our sweet cuddle times and laughter together. I am excited to see you change and grow this year as well. It's a big leap between 2 and 3 years old. I pray that you always keep your independence and always stand for what you believe. I pray for you and your sister to have Godly wisdom and discernment.  
While on the way to school I was teasing Tatum about something and she finally said "I'll tell you what"

When passing a chicken house Tatum said "what's that smell?" We told her and it was quiet for a bit. It smelled aweful and trying to be polite she finally said "It sure does stink in here"!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kuzinz Weekend

Every July Dan's side of the family gets together for the annual Kuzinz (cousins) weekend. We all look forward to it every summer. We have so much fun catching up, playing outside with the kids, swimming at the creek, eating, and just being together. A family that plays together stays together and that is certainly true for the Hanna/Milner family.

Caleb and Andrew deciding if they want to jump off the bridge or not
Uncle Johnny and Frank jumping off the bridge
They made it fine!
Judson, Bryce and Livy playing with Dianna on the tube
Hadassah, Suzanne, and Evelyn
Aunt Jodi and Cheryl
Titus Boy
Part of the crew
I didn't get a picture of everyone but I knew that with Dustin and Gail also taking pics there is one of ever body. I was to busy playing and enjoying the day to take more pics.

We got to meet sweet Elianna this same weekend. The kids were so excited to finally see her. She is absolutely beautiful!! It was love at first sight for all of us.
What a beautiful family!
Livy holding Elianna for the first time
All the kiddos were excited to see David too!
Holding my precious niece. I love her to pieces and I am so excited to be apart of her life and watch her grow. We have prayed for her since the day we heard she was coming and will continue to pray for her everyday. I am a crier and I just can't help it! The minute I saw her I had tears of joy she was and is such a sweet blessing from God.
We have lots of new baby girls in the family this year. I just can't help it I love them all so much! They are all so beautiful and so sweet and innocent. Kinsley was the first to arrive one crazy stormy day in May! Again I cried when I saw her through the nursery window. There is just something about babies that get me every time. They show what an amazing God we serve.
The Stokes cousins back to front. Olivia, Tatum, Elianna, Titus and Elias
Phil and Dianna with their precious babies
They love Papaw
Such a fun filled weekend! We are always sad to see everyone leave when kuzinz weekend is over. We miss them all when they go home. I love watching the new generation of cousins play together. They fall right back into playing as if they were never apart. Time flies so quickly we will hopefully be seeing everyone again at Christmas. Until then we love you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4th of July

We spent fourth of July swimming and shooting fireworks with family
 Judson, Olivia and Tatum on a jeep ride
Titus, Farah and Judson swimming
Swimming with Nana
Titus jumping off the boogie board
Judson jumping off the diving board
Leslie and Jessica
Haha look at that face
Livy and her pretty Momma Katie watching the fireworks
Dan, Tatum and Judson 
Titus, Dan and Eric
I love this sweet Livy girl

Vacation Day 6 and 7

The last day of vacation we started the day early at Magic Kingdom to get in a few more rides for the kiddos and get more cookies from the bakery the best white chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie I've ever had! Yummy! We ate lunch there and then headed over to Holly Wood Studios for the rest of the day.

Jarrett liked this Indian
Emily and Tatum with Marry Poppins. She was very pretty and did a perfect accent.
We had to ride It's a Small World
On to Hollywood. It rained all day and Becca wanted to keep her hair dry!
Titus and Mommy at the Indiana Jones show
Dan and I at the Indiana Jones show. Brad got to be an extra but you can't tell who he is with my phone pics. 
Dan's favorite TV show, Castle
Singing in the rain
Titus stomping in the puddles
Titus just spotted Lightening McQueen and Mator
Becca likes Mator too!
Dan and Kermit the Frog
 Kermit, Dan and Brad
Tatum strapped to a stick of dynamite
Emily and Jarrett about to blast off! 
Titus' turn!
The kiddos on the Toy Story fence. I love the look on Jarrett's face here.
Tatum with Woody
Titus wanted no part of Woody and Buzz. He hid behind Brad
Tatum with Buzz Lightyear
We finished the night watching Fantasmic. It was a great water and light show with all the characters and Princesses. Tatum and Jarrett were pretty excited about it!

Day 7 we cleaned and packed up our luggage and started toward the airport. We did a little shopping, ate lunch at the Elephant Bar and Grill, and then Becca and I got pedicures. Dan and Brad took the kids to play and look around places. We had an awesome vacation with tons of fun memories and experiences. We will look back at all the pictures and laugh at the memories for years to come.

Here is Tatum at the airport. She looks exhausted but she was excited and was the only one that stayed awake the entire flight home. It was a nonstop flight from Orlando to Bentonville.
Titus was exhausted
Sleeping hard on the plane.