Our little family

Our little family

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Fun

This year thanks to Pinterest we made our own Valentine's Day cards. The top left is a little bigger then should be but it's a butterfly and the sucker is the body. Tatum had so much fun gluing and decorating her own cards. She loves doing crafts of all kinds.
Cousin Olivia invited us to a Valentine's Day party! It was so much fun. Lots of friends, candy, cupcakes, and pin the tail on the donkey. We had a blast! Thank you for inviting us to you party Livy!! We love you!!

After the Valentine's party we headed to the skating rink for a birthday party! It was a bright cold day! They were in a sunglasses kind of mood.

 The kiddos did pretty good for only being on skates a few times.
The skating rink had a fun ball pit and bouncer. Daddy enjoyed the ball pit as well. 

Dan and I had a double date for Valentine's Day with Katie and Derick. We ate Mexican and watched the Vow. It was a great evening. Thank you to Nanny and Papa for watching our kiddos.
On Valentine's day morning I dropped Tatum off at school and then met Katie at the high school to help Dianna deliver flowers, candy and pop to all the schools that her BPA group sold for a fund raiser. 
 After delivering Valentine's I went back to Tatum's school for her Vday party. They had pizza, bouncers, and a movie. It was so fun watching her interact with classmates.
(Ignore the blurry pics. I forgot my good camera like a bonehead and only had my phone for some of these.)
We ended the day with balloons, a big sucker from Mommy and Daddy and heart and Mickey shaped pancakes. I used my cookie cutters to get them in these shapes. Tatum and Titus were very impressed. So much so that Titus would not eat his Mickey. He said maybe later

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February activities

I was given lots of fabric from my Great Grandmothers stash. I have a sewing machine that needed dusting off so I thought I would give this sewing thing a try, again. Here is what I have as of now....Headbands and Roses!!
Every week Titus and I do our grocery shopping while sister is in school. If we go to Walmart a stop by the "Fishes" is a must! I love my Titus time.
The Kiddos are into taking pictures with my phone. Here are a few fun shots they took or wanted to take.
 The two above of Tatum, Titus took all by himself. I love the profile picture. She dressed herself and did a pretty good job if I say so myself ;)
Tatum is growing so quickly and doesn't let me hold her like this very often any more. I take every chance I can get! Titus just dug into some brownie batter and the result and little mustache/beard!
Tatum went with one of her friends to see her pony and go for a ride. Her momma sent me this adorable picture of the two. I just had to share.

I walked in the bedroom and found Titus on the floor doing sit ups (fairly well). I asked what he was doing. He said "Me working out like Daddy"

While watching Bambie Tatum says "Momma, I am never going to get twitterpaited, are you?" I said " I think I already did for Daddy". Unsure of what to say she thought a minute then responded "Ok, well don't do it again".

Tatum told me Duke the black pug doesn't have a flat face. That's his smile :)