Our little family

Our little family

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ohhh Titus Boy!

Oh Titus boy you have been busy lately. You found Daddy's sunglasses and thought you looked pretty good in them. I agree, your a handsome little guy! I said "Oh man" the other day about something. You said "No, that not a man, me man" Hehe you have the boy and girl thing figured out.

I bought you and Tatum a pink thing of Bubble Tape at Old Navy to get an extra $10 off. When we went to Homeland that same week you wanted blue bubble tape. I said no we have some in the car. You informed me that the one in the car is girl dum (gum) and  you wanted the boy dum (gum). Of course I had to buy it because that was just so smart of you. Of course you needed the boy kind!
Well while Mommy was decorating a Christmas tree you must have gotten board. You put gum all over your face and a little in your hair.
I had to use peanut butter to get it all off your face and out of your hair. You were not a happy camper. I asked if you would ever do that again. In a tearful voice you said No!
After we dropped TayTay (Titus' name for Tatum) off at school and driving home we came across this bob cat. I got out to take the picture while you watched from the car. When I got back in you kept saying "Me don't like it". I don't blame you that's a big kitty cat!
 We put a Thomas the Train set in your room. You love it and have so much fun playing with it. I put you down for a nap one afternoon and when I went in to check on you I could not find you. You were not in your bed. I saw two little feet sticking out from under the train set and your head sticking out of the other side. So cute. You fell asleep playing. Right now you are all into trains and planes.
 These two pictures make Mommy's heart hurt and make me want to cry every time I see them. You went with Daddy to the basketball gym and ran out across the court and got ran over by a guy. Mommy and Daddy felt so awful for not protecting you. From now until your at least 10 or so, you and Tatum will be staying home with Mommy. Your nose was bleeding and your lip was so swollen. I took you to the doctor and she said everything was fine. I am so thankful nothing was broken and you are okay. It has been a week since this happened and you would never know anything happened. I love you Titus boy and pray everyday for God's protection over you.

December days!

There will be several updates today while I play catch up and have the time. Wednesdays are usually a calm day. We are using today to enjoy being home, clean, catch up on laundry and stay in our pj's a little to long. Tatum is coloring, painting her fingernails and making a few cards. Titus is playing cars and trains while I sit here typing. 

For a little side job and because I enjoy it I've been decorating Christmas trees. This has been so fun seeing all the different trees and ideas of each family. Thank you all for giving me the privilege of doing your trees.

 These next two are of our tree
 This last tree I had to pull in Dan for help. It's 12 feet tall. I could not reach the top on the highest step of the ladder. It was a little scary. If I am asked to do this tree again next year I will be taking a tall ladder. I love the tree and all it's colors. I was excited to do a big tree!

 My Mom bought the kids Advent calendars this year. Each day Tay and Ty open one door and see the shape of the candy and count down another day. I have tried to teach them each day about Advent and the coming birthday of Jesus we are going to celebrate.
 Last week a little elf joined us to help santa watch the kiddos to see if they've been naughty or nice. We have gone between two names. Elfie and Stokesie the Stoke elf. We haven't settled on one official name yet. I kind of like Stokesie. Yesterday he was in the same position as the day before because the kids had gotten in a little trouble on Monday. Since he had extra time at the house he turned our milk green!! This has been a fun new game. They both get up and race to see where the little guy is hiding that day.
 We had a family night out to eat BBQ and then to Cherry Berry. We love going here and letting the kids pick out all their own toppings. Tatum wants everything on hers and Titus wants no ice cream with only candy in his bowl. Afterwards we went looking at Christmas lights. We have had a few other family nights watching Christmas movies. We have so far watched White Christmas (a must for Momma), Elf (a must for Daddy), Rudolf, and frosty.
 Friday Katie and Livy invited us over for to decorate Christmas cookies. We had so much fun and the kiddos did a great job! Thank you for inviting us.

This is a little glimpse in what we have been doing so far this Christmas season. Saturday will be our first two Christmas celebrations. Hopefully I can keep up with the posts through the rest of this month.

Merry Christmas!!!

Church Christmas Program

The Church Christmas Program for 2-5 year olds. This was Titus' first year and he did great. He stood up there and sang like a big boy. Tatum always asks when will they get to sing on the stage. She loves it!
 They all did such a great job!
 Left: Olivia and Tatum
Right: Conner, Bethany, Olivia, and Tatum
 Tatum picked out her own dress this year. She went straight for the bling bling! She fell in love with this dress and all the sparkles instantly. Of course Mommy thinks she's beautiful in everything she wears.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Visiting Santa

We went to visit Santa at Bass Pro during Thanksgiving break. Tatum told him she wants "sparkley black shoes (Black Toms), a treasure box with candy in it and a jewelry box with make up and jewelry in it.
Titus did not want to talk to Santa but he told us he wants an airplane, cars, trucks and a helicopter. He likes all kinds of automobiles. He is really into trains this year as well.
Titus did not want a picture with Santa but he did want one with the bear.

  Here is the kids tree all finished and looking pretty and this year we had Christmas lights on our house for the first time.
 Here is our big tree in the living room and our mantel. We have a big Santa picture that goes over the mantel but it wasn't up yet in this picture.
We are enjoying looking at Christmas lights this year. Everywhere we go we look for lights and who can spot them first.
More Christmas posts to come.


We spent Thanksgiving day with Dan's family. We had great food, family time, touch football game and a hike to the pond with Tatum, Olivia and Dustin.
Tatum and Livy insisted on going through the gate.
Throwing rocks in the pond and hanging with Uncle Dustin! The girls had a blast. Thanks for taking them to the pond Uncle Dustin.
We decorated the Kids tree this same weekend. They did a great job! It has all their special ornaments on it.

Tatum was really into decorating this year. She loved it and did it so well!
Titus wasn't into the decorating like Tatum but he did a few.

Tatum was playing with her little computer in the car. It kept saying chose a category, chose a category. She finally said this thing keeps saying chose a category, chose a category!!(Exasperated voice) I don't even know what that means! What is a category?

Titus can now work his way around on Dan and I's Iphones. He loves watching YouTube and playing games while we are shopping.

We made strawberries and crust last night. When Dan sat down with it. He said "Hmmm that looks dood" (good) Once he finished Dan's he moved to my lap and said "Me eat Momma's" Once he ate all mine he said "me finished with yours. Me eat Daddy's"