Our little family

Our little family

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oh how life has changed!

I have let this blog go and debated on updating it or not. I am still not so sure if I will keep it up or not but here is to an update. Let's see if more will come.

Where to start...

Dan is now assistant principal of our high school and I now teach fifth grade. The past two years I taught math, science and social studies. This year we have gone to 4 day school weeks and I teach Social Studies only five times a day. I think this will be a fun year and I am ready for this new adventure.

The kids are all about farm life. Tatum has a horse named Buttercup she is totally in love with and Titus has his horse Jackpot. They both play sports. Tatum plays softball and Titus baseball. Our springs are busy and fun with rodeo play days and ball.

We try to spend as much time as possible at home. We love our life in the country and play time together.

In June, Tatum became the 2015 Rodeo 4-Way Sweetheart. Titus rode his first sheep! It was muddy mess but he loved it!

We explored new territory in the Northwest. We went to Cheyenne, WY with friends Gary and Cassie.

For today two posts that's pretty good. Hopefully I will add more soon.

Our story part 8, Titus' Birth

I never finished our story mainly because I didn't know if I wanted to share this much but I have decided to so my kids will have it one day. I have had this in draft mode for three years. Titus' birth story.

I left off in November. December came and went quickly like the holidays always do. Tatum and I were going with Dan to as many games as possible and my belly was getting pretty big. I was starting to have quite a few contractions. We had a nice day in January so Tatum and I went outside to play. I was pushing her on the swing and pulling her in the wagon. I was starting to hurt and have some contractions. At the time I was only 30 weeks. When Tatum went down for a nap I layed down as well but the pain was getting worse and staying constant. Walking around was not helping either. By the time Dan got home I was getting nervous. I called the nurse and she said to go to the hospital. Tatum went with Nana and Papa while Dan and I headed to the hospital one hour away. My parents met us there. They hooked me up to the monitors and I was having contractions and lots of them. I was given two pills and a shot to stop them. They finally did slow down. I was given a prescription to take every time I felt the contractions start and was put on bed rest until delivery time.

Dan was still in the middle of basketball season and I couldn't lift my 19 month old baby any more so Tatum and I went to stay with my parents for the duration. My grandparents live next door to them so they took care of us during the day. The medication made me sleep a lot but not restful. At night Titus was very active and Tatum and I were sleeping together. It made for long nights and I had to get up often.

Mom and Dad took me to the hospital one other time to stop the contractions with a shot. From then on I was very good and stayed down with my feet up most of the days. I had to keep the little guy in until 36 weeks so he would be healthy. I prayed constantly that he was safe and would make it to term. I was so afraid of doing something wrong and hurting my baby.

On February 24th my contractions were starting to come more often but I was still not 36 weeks. I could not sleep and could not get comfortable. I felt like Titus was just going to fall out. He was pushing so hard on my pelvis that at times it hurt to walk until the kinks were worked out. I wore a band/belt everyday to help keep him up. We did not want him getting into the birth position if possible. On Wednesday February 25th like most Wednesdays Dan drove in to spend the night with us and see Tatum and I. I was really hurting and told him it wouldn't be long. We took a picture that night of my giant belly. I was still only 35 weeks but knew I couldn't keep him in much longer. I was scheduled to see Dr. P the next day.

Dan left early Thursday morning for work. Regionals were starting and he couldn't miss. Mom knew I was hurting that morning but I was determined to wait it out for my appointment. That afternoon we decided to go early. As we were driving the contractions were getting stronger so mom called the nurse also happens to be her bff Anita. She sent us on to the hospital. The hospital nurse could not get a hold of my doctor so mom once again called Anita. I had told Dan we were on the way to the hospital instead of the doctor. He headed that way immediately. Thank goodness because Mom was relaying to the nurse that Dr P would be over soon and to start prepping me for surgery!! I was also in contact with Katie and Dianna. They headed that way right away as did my dad. Oh my goodness Titus was coming that day! February 26, 2009! I was so excited and scared and wanted Dan to get there. He did not disappoint. He walked in with plenty of time to spare.

It took about 45 mins longer then planned because a lady with twins came in and was moved into surgery before me. Once finally in the surgery room I was given the spinal and already in the delivery process when Dan was allowed to join me. Things were already going a lot differently then the first c-section I had with Tatum. I was feeling a ton of pressure and pulling. Dan had a worried look on his face and Dr P did not look good herself. I was getting scared. Why wasn't coming out and why was it taking so long. I was praying Lord let them get my baby out. Never once did it cross my mind that I was having problems. My mind and concerns were for my baby boy. I thought the Dr was breaking my ribs trying to get him out. Dan was turning white and kept asking if I was okay. He knew things shouldn't be taking so long. I just put my head in his chest and waited until I heard he was out and for his sweet sweet cry! It was music to my ears.

I was given a little glimpse of my Titus boy and a kiss as they were taking him to check him out and clean him. Dan went with Titus. I could hear his cries in the other room and couldn't wait to hold him. It was then I realized the nurses and Dr were still in a little bit of panic and rush mode. I just stayed as still as possible listening to Dan and Titus. After some time they were ready to leave for the nursery and Titus' nurse asked if we were close to ready. Dr. P said no I am still sewing the uterous. What did she say? What in the world is taking so long? By this time I was opened so long that I started getting sick and throwing up. I was trying my hardest to keep still.

Finally she was done and covered in my blood. I could feel it all over my face as well. I asked to be cleaned up before my family saw me that way. Once in the room and once Dr P was all cleaned up herself she came and explained to all of us that Titus had been stuck in the birth canal. He was not budging for a while. When he did finally started to come out he severed my uterous and I had lost a ton of blood. It split all the way around and was just hanging by a small part. She was able to sew it back up but it was so bad that I would probably never be able to have more babies.

At the time I was not to worried about it and wasn't fully understanding everything that had just happened. I was to excited to see my sweet boy. What a beautiful baby he was. I was so happy to hold him and love on him. He had the sweetest little dimple, round face and lighter hair then Tatum did. Sister was right there to meet him as well when he came into my room. What a wonderful day it turned out to be. His lungs were fully developed and he was a healthy little man. Thank you Lord :)