Our little family

Our little family

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring has been busy!

 The first weekend after the cruise I hosted a wedding shower at my house. She is going to have a beautiful flower wedding in June so we stuck with that theme for the shower.

 Brylie and Nanny Wanda came up to see us and have lunch at the park. 
We got to see baby ducks at the park and feed the big ones. This momma had 23 babies following her around. 
 A couple different days we went to the Nursery in the next town to get plants for our new flower bed and some flowers for our old one. They have big fish ponds there with big friendly fish that the kids love to feed and pet.
The before shot on the above left and the after shot on the the right. This was my mothers day present this year and I love it!
 We tilled this spot up a couple times last year but never could decide on how to do it. This is what we came up with this year. It amazes me how much a little scrubs and flowers can change the look of a house.
 We have also spent a few days fishing. I am learning and have now caught a few fish! It really is a lot of fun. In the top left picture Titus and Jarrett needed to potty. I couldn't resist getting a picture of this! They won't like it when they get older but I think it's to cute!
The right picture is Katie and I fishing one evening and blowing the guys away!! Katie blew all of us out of the water! She was catching something every cast!! She's good!!
After one evening of fishing we ate at Ranch House Pizza. (FYI it's the best). Titus climbed inside this machine!! It was crazy and scary all at the same time but he knew exactly what he was doing. He got the dog he wanted and climbed right back out. We made him win the dog far and square after that of course and explained that we can't do that. We still laugh about this!!
While Dan and Titus were out of town helping with Special Olympics Katie and I decided to take the girls to the Pink House. It's such a cute little tea room in an old house. The food was very good and the girls had lots of fun. We ate lunch then headed over to the park in town. For dessert and cooling off we went  to Cherry Berry. It was a perfect girls day!!

 After church that evening Tatum and I came home and watched a little TV to wind down. She wanted to watch Doc McStuffins. Her and Titus's new favorite show. She had to wear my shoes and she let me know she is about to grow into them. We had so much fun together while the boys were gone but we were so happy when they got back! We missed the guys :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cruising in April 2012

 Marcia has her ship card and is excited to board! Let's do it!!
Finally on board! We learned how to Cupid Shuffle and Wobble. Another group of ladies cruising together taught us the dances :)
First night in the dinning room.
 Lobster dinner! It was my first time to order that and I liked it!!

All the girls on formal night. Becky, Stephanie, Me, Marcia, Katie, Becca, and Brooke!
 All our pretty shoes!
 Our towel elephant, and
At the show on formal night.

Our day in Cozumel. The plan was to go snorkeling and then shopping. We paid for snorkeling and waited until time to leave. The pier was shut down due to wind. We got our money back and went on to the next plan. We thought about shopping first but didn't go in the right direction. We called home to check in and then headed to paradise beach. It was gorgeous with a big pool, beach side chairs, massages, and a delicious restaurant. We saw these pretty birds there. They weren't very friendly. We were a little scared!
 At the beach! We swam in the waves out to the trampoline and slide. We were exhausted by the time we got there. It is so hard to jump on a water trampoline.

These guys were everywhere. They had to of been miserable and hot. We saw them painted all silver and one all gold as well. Weird!

 Going back to the ship! It was a very fun day!!
 Dinner on Cozumel night. This was our waiter.
 Our dinner buddies! Brooke, Becca, Stephanie, and Becky
Tuxedo strawberries!! OH SO GOOD!!!
 Becca and I on the top deck. It was so windy. They were supposed to have a deck party and buffet up there. It was to windy for people but we still made it to the midnight buffet!

Our last day on the ship! It was windy and a little cold on the top deck. We worked out and then laid out in the sun. We had a terrific time and enjoyed every minute!!