Our little family

Our little family

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little glimpses into our days

I feel like the last few weeks have flown. I have been taking time to write little notes in my phone when the kids say something funny. My Nanny Carol told me last week that she had wrote down a funny from Tatum.

Tatum told her "Me and Gabby are the same tall"

Dan was telling me about mountain lion sightings not far from our house. Tatum said to run away and shoot it. I said I love kid logic it makes total sense. She said "Momma, am I alogic" Like allergic

While visiting Lee and Heather, Tatum noticed an uncovered vent. She asked him what that hole was? He said it's where they put bad little girls. She asked how they put them in there. He said we just stuff them down in it. She said very thoughtfully "Oh, Well we better cover it up then." He asked why? and she said ever so serious "So they can't get out" We laughed for a while at that. Never would that have crossed my mind as a kid. I would have thought I better be really nice here!

Today Tatum learned the song Only and Boy named David at school. She went around singing it all morning. I was hearing her sing it in her room then I heard her sing in the same tune only a boy named David only a girl named Marcia and Elianna. She's going to be a song writer!

Last weekend we spent the night at my parents. Dan and Tatum fall asleep the second their heads hit the pillows. It takes Titus and I a little longer. We were laying there trying to sleep when Dan started snoring. I felt Titus move around a little. I looked over at him and He had covered his little ears with his hands. I couldn't help but start laughing. It was cute!

I made home made cinnamon rolls for the first time two weeks ago. Titus went potty in the toilet so I let him have a little treat. He took a bite and said to himself "Hmmmm, good" in his little low voice

Titus wanted more milk and I told him that's all for the day. He said "Oh Man!"

Titus was telling me about playing with boys and getting hit. He said "Me Waaahhhh!, Me do that!"

September started with weekends full of races and working at the football concession stand that my Mom runs. Katie and I decided to put a booth in the County Fair. We went to market and bought dresses, shirts, watches and made a few crafts. We did okay but not as well as we had hoped.

September was also Olivia's 3rd birthday party. All the family came in that weekend and it was a great time with everyone together at the same time.

Katie and I set our booth up at the church craft show as well and did a pie booth last weekend. We sold our pies and other treats like crazy. Our dresses/shirts/crafts did not do so well. We are thinking craft shows are not for us. We will be doing the pie booth again next year so come see us.

 Mommy and Titus enjoying some warm weather at the park while we can.
Birthday girl!! I love this smile and this sweet little 3 year old!
I love watching them play together. Tatum was so excited all day for Livy's birthday party.
Oh they are growing so quickly!
Tatum loves holding cousin Kinsley and spending time with her on Mondays.
We found new barn kittens in the loft. We got to pet them before they were to wild to touch.
The kids got their own little kitten that is tame and can be played with.
I'm not sure the cat likes Titus as much as he likes it.
Every time Tatum thinks the cat is doing something cute she wants a picture of it.
Papa came home from work in a helicopter. Titus stayed with Aunt Katie and Livy this day. He got to see up close and have a field trip of his own while Tatum and I were at the fire station.
We bought the movie Lion King and had a family movie night
Titus loved the movie
Tatum had an ENT appointment last Wednesday and I scheduled flu shot appointments for both kids. While in town we met Aunt Heather and cousin Hadley for lunch. It was so good to see them both. Those two gorgeous little faces melt my heart. Oh how we love that baby girl :)
Sunday we went golfing with Dan for a couples golf scramble. We had a good time and the kids did excellent!
Titus liked putting the flags back in the hole.
Tatum liked getting the ball and helping out.
Dan chipping
Tatum and Waylon going for a morning ride

Titus and his buddy Waylon Monday morning watching Tatum help mow.
Riding Ginger all on their own.