Our little family

Our little family

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thank you Lord for my children!!

My blog has been totally neglected. Someday I may have time to keep up or maybe not. Who knows!

The weekend of April 12-14 I spent every evening at the hospital with my family. My Great Grandma Lavaughn was not doing very well and we all wanted to be there for her. I had been telling the kids that Grandma was really sick. My children are no strangers to death. We live on a farm. Animals unfortunately die sometimes. We have never kept them in the dark about death. Last fall my husbands grandpa passed away, whom we were close to and last winter my Great Grandmother passed away. They were there through all of this and we were very open and honest with them. Children have such a sweet spirit about death and a strong faith. They know they will one day see these loved ones again.

Sunday afternoon while we were all waiting in the lobby Grandma went on to be with Jesus. What a family legacy she has left behind. She was so so loved.

During the drive home Dan and I were talking about what awesome things Grandma must be seeing right at that time. The kids asked about what we thought she was seeing and doing. They talked about other family members that are in heaven as they often do when discussing heaven and then fell asleep.

As we were putting the kids to bed that night Sunday April 14th Dan yelled at Tatum and I to come into Titus' room. Dan said "Titus wants to ask Jesus in his heart" My own heart did a flip flop and tears immediately started to flow. It had already been such an emotional day for me. Of course I was elated!! Dan explained to Titus that he was a sinner and had to be forgiven of those sins. He understood all that and that Jesus died on the cross for us to forgive us and come in our hearts. He prayed the sweetest prayer. Afterwards, I asked Tatum if she would like to do the same. She had been close for weeks and asking lots of questions but said she wasn't quite ready. This night she said yes. My heart swelled! She also understood and prayed an equally sweet prayer.

Once back in Tatum's room I asked her how she felt. She said with a happy sigh "Good, I have been thinking about doing that for a long time momma". She said "Sometimes I would play and forget and then think I want Jesus in my heart but was scared" The holy spirit had been working on my sweet girl.

Afterwards I asked Dan how it came about with Titus. He asked if Grandma was in Heaven and he said yes she is. Ty said "how can I go there". Dan explained he had to ask Jesus in his heart. That's the only way and left it at that. They talked about other stuff a few more minutes and then Titus said I want to go to Heaven and I want to ask Jesus in my heart.

The next day after school Tatum told me she had told several of her friends about asking Jesus in her heart. She also told me about praying that Jesus would help her not get mad at Titus so easy.

I have struggled about putting this on facebook or a public place because so many would question their motives or if we forced this. We have never forced this with our children. Dan and I have had many discussions about this and that it is only a choice they can make for themselves. Tatum is 5 and Titus is 4. I fully believe the Holy Spirit had been working on both of my children and I praise the Lord for answering this prayer. Dan and I have both prayed since we found out I was pregnant with each that our children would receive Christ at young ages. We both asked the Lord into our own hearts at young ages as well. I know our work is just beginning and they have so much more to learn but I am so incredible proud of my babies and the decision they have made. As a dear friend told me and I love it! Welcome to the kingdom my babies!!!

The next night we made them a special sign saying Welcome to the KINGDOM and a cake. I want this day to be remembered forever not as a sad one but a good one. I believe Grandma was in Heaven rejoicing with the angels that day!

Thank you Lord!!! THANK YOU!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Oh life you must slow down! My days are full of running kids to school, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, playing outside, and studying in my spare moments to become a personal trainer. This week I am also filling in at my old job three days. Dan is also taking some classes this semester. He is going to Tulsa three days a week and seems to be enjoying them so far. He is teaching and still driving the bus. He is also refereeing basketball and studying every chance he can.

Things are chaotic but I am loving every minute with the kids. We now have horses out on the farm and we are all enjoying them so much. We have spent a lot of time in the barn with them this past week since we got them. The kids like to ride, lead and even groom them. Dan and I are having just as much fun with them as the kids. I of course love it that this is something we can all four get into and do together. I don't know a lot about horses but I am learning and have friends at church and a neighbor that is helping guide us into this new adventure.

Tatum is doing great in school and loving the social time plus the learning. I hope she always enjoys learning. Kindergarten learns way more then when I was in school socially and mentally. Whew I am not ready for her to know some things but we just face them head on when the situation arises and we are upfront and honest with her. Age appropriate of course. This semester she has a list of sight words she has to learn. She is eager to learn them but at the same time gets frustrated on the ones she can't sound out. She is getting there though and I am so proud of her. She can also say her phone number now. She can not wait to read. She is in gymnastics and thinks it is wonderful. She flips and cartwheels all over the house. She is just starting to learn a back walk over pushing off of something. She now has Bff's. They very from week to week but the constants are Livy, Bethany, Jeralyn and Kelsey. She loves these girls and time spent with them. She wants her hair to grow really long like Rapunzel.

In November Tatum was running through the house so excited to go pick up Livy that she turned the corner and hit her finger on the door jam. She was upset and crying but not real upset because she was still so excited. She showed me the finger and I kissed it. I didn't see anything unusual about it until the next morning while driving to Silver Dollar City. I looked at it again and it was really swollen and bruised. We took her in and found out it was broke and she would be needing surgery. Thank you to Katie for going with me to that appointment and being so strong for us. I was in shock that he wanted to do surgery and do it the next day! He placed two pins in her tiny finger. She was in a cast four weeks and then did therapy for 8 weeks. Just as we were released from that while shopping at Aldi she jumped off the cart and hit her chin on the handle bar. She bit her tongue and had to have one stitch put in. We found out that a tongue can be stitched in some cases. I pray she has no other injuries for a long time!!
~A couple weeks ago at school Tatum saw a woman with pjs on. She asked me in a concerned voice if it was pajama day. I told her no and she asked why that lady had pajamas on. I told her she just hadn't got dressed yet. I really didn't know what to say.

~ My Sister in law Katie had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Tatum and her friend were discussing how the baby got out of Katie's tummy. Jeralyn asked how Phillip came out and Tatum said "I don't know I didn't see it!"

~ Tatum wanted to know what nursing/Breastfeeding is. I explained it to her and that she ate that way when she was really little and so did Titus. She looked at me and just said "WEIRD"!

Titus is growing up and starting to talk more plain everyday. He still loves to cuddle with momma and be rough and tough with Daddy. He is enjoying school his two days a week most days. Some days he is starting to ask to not go. I think he just gets wore out. He loves dinosaurs, cars and horses right now. His best friends are Waylon, Conner and Judson. These are who he says but doesn't get to see Judson much. He loves his cousins. He also said "Livy is my best friend but I don't know if she knows that" Him and Livy do play so well together. Both my kids love their cousins so much. We also have some young cousins Eli, Ellie, Hadley and Kinsley that think Titus is pretty cool. He's not really sure how to act around the little ones but they are drawn to him. He knows how to spell his name out loud and almost has his phone number down. His 4th birthday is coming up and we are doing a dinosaur party. He is really excited! He is still really good at entertaining himself and enjoys his play time alone but is also getting to where he really enjoys playing with Tatum or friends. Titus started doing gymnastics with Tatum in January. He is with me there anyways so I thought we would try it out. So far he seems to really like it. He says he doesn't want to do flips, the bars or cartwheels, but he does like running laps, the trampoline and the foam pit. I was a little nervous about putting my little boy in gymnastics but it made me feel better that in his group of 5 there is only one girl.
~Titus fell jumped up and said "I fell but me didn't die though"

~At Halloween I showed him a Dino costume. He said "yes I want that one. Me begging for it" After he got it he kept saying over and over "Thank you momma for my T-rex costume"

~He got in trouble at school once for putting little eyeballs up his nose.

~Our cousin Josh how to spell three. He replied "1,2,3"

~He told me one morning that he dreamed about dinosaurs and race cars

~He told me his eyes were brown and wanted to know why they weren't blue like Tatum and Livy. I told him because my eyes are brown so he got eyes like me. I asked a few minutes later what he was thinking about. He said "Me thinking about eyes. Me always thinking about something"