Our little family

Our little family

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More May

I can't remember if I posted this or not. Dan is getting Tatum's toe fixed up before church. She tore the hide off of it the day before at a birthday part. This is huge for her because she had a big fear of band aids and I love the daddy daughter moment.
The weekend of May 18-19 some friends came to our neck of the woods for camping on Grandpa Stokes' land! We had so much fun and lots of new memories were made! On Friday night we kicked things off with hot dogs over the campfire. Then out on the boat for some fishing. Not to many fish were caught but we laughed and had fun anyways. Dan's brother Derick was our fishing guide! He talked one of the guys Justin into noodling with him. It was so funny watching them in the dark when fish (or whatever) would swim out in the dark towards them. 
Later we went back to camp. Some went hog hunting  and a few of us girls stayed back to hang out and keep the fire going. No hogs were hurt during this trip.
 Saturday we went four wheeler riding. While on a break Robby and Justin found some roots used in Novocaine. Above is everyone trying it out. Erika is a brave girl!
 Kerri, Jeremy, Dan and Melissa enjoying the view and watching the others try the roots.
It's so pretty up on the mountain! Well that's what we call the really big hills here!
Earlier that week Titus had a check up on his innocent heart murmur. Everything went great but he was a tired boy after spending the night with Aunt Marcy and cousins then a full morning of doctors. While laying on the ultrasound bed he looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said "Momma, Me loves you". He melts my heart when he says that. He was such a big brave boy. He did so good. He sat very still for it all even the EKG. There are so many wires for that thing. I kept finding the sticky things even as I was putting his shirt back on.
Tatum stayed at Aunt Marcy's while Titus and I were at the Doctor. When we got back we went for a walk around the neighborhood with Ellie and sweet little friend.
Then back to the house for some fun in the water. It was a hot day! Here they are drying off. We had so much fun with cousins and friends.
Back home playing in the sprinkler
Titus tried to hide from the camera but I caught him!
Out for an evening walk
Whew what a fun filled week!

Tatum's last week of Wee School

Last few days of preschool

 Tatum had her little program the first part of May for her wee school class.

Their theme was nursery rhymes this year. Tatum's class did the cow jumping over the moon. They were all so very cute!!
Last day of school! My baby girl is now a kindergartner!