Our little family

Our little family

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Made from Scratch Pancakes

First gather the eggs!

What you will need...
3/4 cup of milk
1 cup of self rising flour - a staple in our kitchen
1 egg
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup oil
(If you do not have sefl rising flour add 2 T baking powder and tsp of salt)
This recipe makes 6 pancakes perfect for our family of 4. Double everything for 12 pancakes

Whisk all the ingrediants together.

Pour batter into a skillet flip when you see the bubbles.

When we finish the first pancakes we put them in our Mexico tortilla warmer. It keeps the pancakes hot and ready to eat all at he same time as a family. I've gotten a lot of requests from friends for this recipe or our waffle recipe.

Waffles are a little different
1 cup self rising flour
3/4 cup milk
1/3 oil
(If no self rising 2T baking powder and 1 tsp salt)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our story part 5

October was not to bad of a month. We were all still mourning but trying to settle back into a routine. I always like October because it is a time of change. The leaves are all changing, it's not so hot and it's my birthday month. I was still babysitting and working concession stand every Saturday. On Thursday nights Dan and I would go to Sam's for all the supplies and take them to the football field for Saturdays.

In November I stopped nursing all together and the concession stand ended. I was nervous about money but Dan had started officiating basketball. That came at just the right time. I was starting to feel a little better but Dan was gone almost every night and every Saturday. That was giving us no time together and I felt like I was raising a baby alone when really I wasn't at all. It was just an adjustment and I learned to fill my evenings.

Our first Christmas as parents was filled with joy and sadness. We were so excited to open presents with Tatum but at the same time so sad Karoline was not there to celebrate. David and Marcia had a beautiful wedding. We had Christmas and then Dan's cousin got married a few hours away. This was a crazy busy time but very good time to keep our minds busy.

In January we went on a cruise with Katie and Derick. I know we had no business doing that with the lack of money we had. We booked the cruise back when I was still getting a check from work. Never dreamed we would struggle to make it. We felt Katie and Derick needed this trip and we did as well to get past some of the guilt and grief. Dan was dealing with a lot of the same emotions as I was when it came to the guilt and money problems. Of course he never showed it and rarely mentioned it until months later. The cruise was so much fun. The sunshine felt like a fresh start. While on the trip we missed our connecting flight. The airline gave us free flights to be used within the next year. We laughed, cried some, but mostly enjoyed being out of the country and away from everything. No we did not take Tatum with us. I missed her terribly and was so happy to get home to her. Looking back should I have taken her? I don't know that answer still. I think it was good to have that little trip with my husband and our BFF's to get back on track and to know we all still loved each other through it all. The good and the bad.

In February Katie announced she was expecting another baby!!! Yay!! We were all so excited and nervous. I was feeling much better and had come to terms with the fact that my little family was not resented and very much loved. Tatum was growing so quickly and so very very smart! She was learning all kinds of new words and loved to use them often! She loved music, her Mommy and Daddy, our little dog and all her grandparents. She still had throwing up issues but not nearly as often. I was still baby sitting Olivia, Ally and the older two cousins Abby and Bailey almost every day. I was finally getting into a routine. Dan took the test to become certified to teach school this month. He was starting to think the banking world was taking him no where and he was becoming miserable in that job.

In March we passed out 200 hundred flyer's at houses for Dan and my brother Lucas to start mowing. They ended up with 15 yards. Dan went to a job fair with school close by and they loved him but he didn't have his certification yet and they were hiring then. He applied at several but had no answers yet. It was still pretty early. We also decided to put our house on the market in March. We knew it had gone up in value since we moved in and could pay off debt if it sold. We thought we should build a house in a smaller town. We signed the papers to start building a house in the next town over. We signed under the agreement our house had to sale first. Our new house would be done by July or August depending on the weather.

In April I decided to get off birth control because I was still feeling a little down more often then I should. I could not figure out why I wasn't feeling like my happy self. I had no reason to be sad. God had blessed me with so much. We were making ends meet, we had a house, a beautiful happy baby girl that I love more then life, family that loved us, great friends and church family. I knew God loved me and was taking care of me so why was I feeling down? I started checking into birth control and the kind I was on. It's not for everyone and I'm one it's not for. It was making my emotions all over the place. So I got off that and decided to try other means of BC for the time being.

In May, I was fully back to myself and feeling great! The weather was great, Katie was feeling good and the baby was looking good, Lee my brother, David and Marcia were all graduating college. We still had the free vouchers for plane tickets so we turned ours in for flights out to see David and Marcia graduate. The only problem is Lee graduated on Friday, David and Marcia on Saturday on other sides of the country. I was not missing my brothers graduation. Shyla had finals to finish up so she agreed to fly out with Tatum and me on Saturday. The rest of the Stokes went on Thursday night. We went to Lee's grad and I was one proud sister. He had worked so hard and deserved to walk across that stage.

Shyla, Tatum and I flew out the next morning. Dan and Dustin picked us up at the airport. It was my first experience flying with Tatum. I was so proud of her she did great. I had lots to keep her occupied and to chew on so her ears wouldn't hurt. What a fantastic trip that was. We missed the graduation but was able to see David play college baseball and celebrate with the family out to eat afterwards. Dustin, Shyla, Dan, Tatum and I stayed a couple extra days with David and Marcia. We all drove over to Washington DC and toured our Nations capitol. I hope one day to return there. It was one of the top 10 trips I have ever been on. There is so much to see and do there and it's all free. Yes, all free and the food was way cheap that's how we were able to afford this one. We only paid for hotel and food. We all shared the lodging.

Our new house was moving very quickly and we had not one bite on our current house. The price was to high and we could not come down and still pay a realtor. We were starting to doubt our decisions but knew our house still needed to be sold. We had to get rid of more debt for me to stay home and this is what we both wanted for our daughter.

 I wrote this all in one weekend so I could get to the good parts. These last two posts have been rough ones on me remembering the feelings and emotions of that year. I've cried through most of it as I typed but I'm glad to have it done.

Our story Part 4

I had this all wrote out and then was very unsure I wanted to be this honest. Do I want my full story told? Dan read the entire thing and said "Yes, post it, it's real life." I also talked to Katie my sister in law ands he also said yes it was a rough year but it was okay to tell. So to get where we are today we have to go through the rough times.

I'm going to back track just a little and tell you the full story. I had Tatum early Saturday morning (Friday night to me). On Saturday my sister in law Katie went for her first ultra sound. She found out she was also having a girl and due in October. We were going to both have babies girls! How exciting is that! We had so many thoughts and dreams for our little girls growing up and playing together. Tatum's first cousin was going to be a girl and we were sure they'd be best friends. On that Monday Katie went back to her doctor and was told they believed her baby had down syndrome. Our homecoming with Tatum was bitter sweet. We were so excited to have our baby girl home and safe with us but at the same time our hearts were heavy for Katie and Derick. We didn't know what this would bring for them.

Our prayers for Tatum changed. We started praying that she would have a kind heart, love for her cousin Karoline that was unconditional and that she would never see her as anything other then her cousin and her friend.

Jumping back to August. I had just told my boss I was not returning to work. I was so lost in who I was. I kept thinking soon the day is coming that I should have been going back to work. I was trying to find myself. Trying to establish who I was as a mommy. I had worked since I was young. I babysat really young, then helped my aunt clean the church and at 14 years old I started working for a skating rink. So needless to say to not work was really strange for me. I was doing as much as I could to pull my weight so I could stay at home but didn't feel like I was actually working. It was strange figuring out my new role. Don't get me wrong I loved being with my baby and didn't want to change that at all it was just a larger adjustment then I ever could have dreamed.

The end of August Dan's cousin had her baby two hours from where we lived. We drove up to visit them and see the new baby. On our way there Katie called to tell us at her doctor apt she was sent on to the hospital because she was in labor. She was only 32 weeks! That was way to early!

First thing Saturday morning we headed back home and to see Katie and Derick at the hospital. On Sunday Katie delivered Karoline by csection. She was rushed straight to NICU. Derick got to escort her in and we were able to watch them pass by in the hall. We were all so excited and couldn't wait to see her. The doctor came out later and told us Katie was doing very good. The baby would have up and down days and that's normal for babies that early and in the NICU.

We were prepared for up and down days. I would go home to Tatum and love on her but at the same time feel so guilty because Katie's baby was not healthy. That week I prayed like I never prayed before. The middle part of the week is kind of a blur, lots of tears and prayers. On Thursday I got a text from Katie that said please pray things were not looking good. I can't remember the exact wording. Tatum was napping at that time and I was in the bedroom putting things away. I fell to my knees scared to death. I started praying and praying until I was flat on my face praying. My heart felt like it was going to burst with sorrow.

My mother in law Dianna called later to tell us not to go to the hospital but to just meet them at home because Karoline was not going to make it. I waited for what seemed like forever on Dan to get off work. He only worked until 4:00 but it seemed so long. I wanted to get to my best friend and sister so badly. The second we headed that way I suddenly realized she may resent me or my baby. I immediately went in the house and fell beside Katie. We cried and hugged. She asked where Tatum was. I just said outside with Phil (father in law). Later Dan went out to be with her. I think we were all a little afraid to take her in for fear of hurting Katie. I didn't know what to do. This was like nothing I've ever felt. This was my baby and I was torn on bringing her in or hiding her. Katie asked several more times where Tatum was and why we weren't bringing her in. We did finally bring her in but didn't stay much longer.

At Karoline's viewing we did the same sort of thing. We kept Tatum in the back and outside not sure how people would react. Dan's cousin that just had the baby did not bring in her baby either. I was asked by a few people how it felt to have the healthy baby? I can answer that now. All I could feel was guilt. Guilt that my baby was safe, healthy, and at home with me. I was even warned by others that Katie may look at my baby and compare and always be reminded. This nearly crushed me. This went on for the next several months. I was afraid to love on my baby in front of Dan's family. I didn't want to remind anyone that Karoline wasn't with us. Even if I wanted to hold her or had the urge to love on her I didn't. I held back with them for a long time. I felt we were resented. My heart was so broken. How would I ever feel comfortable around the family again?

Don't get me wrong I loved my baby and everything about her. I just wanted to be respectful and not hurtful to anyone. I had a hard time distinguishing how to do that at first.

During the next several weeks things were rough and Katie and Karoline were on my mind constantly. Katie and I talked or texts everyday. She even came to spend the night with us several times. She would even help me with Olivia sometimes when I babysat. She really seemed to have a connection with her or maybe she just loved her name ;)  

We talked about Karoline a lot and we cried often. We talked about Tatum and she knew a lot of the things I felt and I knew how she felt and the different emotions she went through. I knew she loved Tatum and I realized she loved me too and she didn't resent us. I still felt strange with the rest of the family. I was worried that my in laws felt awkward with Tatum around and unsure how to act in front of Katie and Derick with her. It was a touchy time for us all over the next several months.

I went to town and when I came back I found Katie in the bedroom holding Tatum. She was telling her all about Karoline. I decided then and there we would always tell her and so far always have been very honest with Tatum about Karoline and she knows exactly where she is. She said she wants to go to heaven someday so she can play with her.

During all this time and sadness with Karoline my Aunt Sue was very sick with cancer. We were told she was not going to make it much longer. She was so proud of my baby and excited to see her. Mom and I went to visit and take Tatum for a visit. I knew then that Aunt Sue really was not doing well. Tatum was not by any means a large baby but in Sue's arms she looked so big. Sue had lost so much weight and was so weak.

She also passed away in September. This was a hard time for my family. Sue was the strength and voice of reason in our family. She was the rock and her light shown really bright. She was a very strong Christian and loved by everyone. I believe she prayed often for her sisters and Dad that one day they would be saved. I know she was not perfect but in my eyes she was sweet spirited, classy and so beautiful. She always pulled off red lipstick like no one else I know and it looked so classy. Classy is my Nanny Carol's word and her sister Sue in my opinion is the definition of the word. I never saw her act anything less then a lady.

I remember later in the day after Aunt Sue's funeral we were all gathered at Nanny's. I knew Nanny was hurting and unsure what the future held with out her sister. Tatum was smiling and laughing by this time. She was on the floor and I watched as Grandma, Aunt Margie (Nanny's Mom and youngest sister) and Nanny all played, cooed and laughed at Tatum. They had all lost but yet a baby and such innocence helped them get through that dark day. I felt I had cried more in one month then I could remember.

The end of September we all went out to eat as a family. Dustin was there and told us that he was seeing someone and had asked her to be his girlfriend. Her name was/is Shyla. We were all so excited for him and could not wait to meet this girl that had so quickly stolen Dustin's heart. David and Marcia were planning to get married in December. It was a good distraction and something to focus on for the next few months. Time was filled with holidays, showers and wedding preparations.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Because I like pictures!

Playdough time!!


I think my nanny and Papa are such  good looking pair and because I love them so much!

Family movie night

Three pretty girls



Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break and Our story continued part 3

Spring Break was last week and not at all long enough. We tried to pack in as much as we could. Dan has started work on the upstairs, we started buidling a flower bed and planted a few shrubs, we went to the zoo and celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday.

The weather has been great and the kids have loved being outside. We all got a little red on Thursday but we were happy to see that Titus our little red head does not burn easy he tanned very well. He has a cute little farmer tan.

Tatum was so hot at the zoo that she told her aunt Leslie while wiping her forhead very dramatic like "I am SOAKING HOT"!!! Hehe that's a new one!

Titus loves jumping on the trampoline but instead of calling it jump he says "bunch" I guess that's bounce and jump together.
Tatum calls the trampoline a jumaline

Titus is doing great with the potty training. This is the first back to normal week so I'm really trying to work with him. He went all day with no accidents. We even went to walmart with no accidents. He told me when he needed to potty. He has not gone #2 on it yet. He will get it figured out. Everyone has warned me that boys are way harder to train but so far Titus has not been tough at all. He has been doing this all on his own timing. My little man is doing so well!

Our Story Part 3
From the moment we decided we were going to have a baby we started saving as much money as possible. I was making $32K at my job so there was no reason we shouldn't be saving. We had been listening to Dave Ramsey since we were in college. We had our $1,000 emergency money for several years but started realizing it was time to add to it and start paying off some debt. We started trying to knock some out. We had a loan on our furniture that we paid off quickly then started working on my car. We saved up $5,000 before Tatum was born. Thank goodness because in May, Dan had to have his appendix removed. Our deductable was $1,000 that we were able to pay in cash. Tatum and I's deductable was also $1,000 a piece that we paid in full. It felt so good to be able to have that paid and out of our lives!

Now our savings was down to $2,000 and we still wanted for me to be a stay at home mommy. We decided I was going to quit, but I still had plenty of time before telling my boss. I wasn't due back to work until September after vacation days and maternity. I was loving being a mommy but having a hard time too. My emotions were all over the place still. I was worried about money, my baby cried a lot, and threw up a lot, Dan had no more vacation time and I didn't know how to make my baby happy. She was having problems nursing since she was early and so little. I had to use a shield and it was messy and a pain. Everyone kept telling me if I could stick it out 6 weeks then it would get easier and she would have it figured out.

At the six week mark things started looking up. I had a few babysitting jobs. One little girl I watched during the day was Olivia. Tatum had nursing down but I still wasn't sure of it. Olivia was only a few months older then Tatum. She was not able to hold a bottle yet herself. A lot of times the two wanted to eat at the same time of course. I would hold Tatum and put Olivia in the poppy pillow and hold her bottle. I had a new found appreciation for mothers with twins. I could not leave the house with two infants. When Olivia's mom picked her up then Tatum and I would head over to my cousin's house to meet them before they got off the bus and stay until their mom or dad got off work. On Tuesdays I picked up my sweet little cousin Ally from preschool. She was always a welcome distraction from my crazy weeks. She made me laugh and still does all the time and she helped out a lot. She was so funny. One time she told me that Tatum's crying was getting on her nerves!

I also took on a concession stand job. I ran a football concession that paid very well every Saturday from the end of August through mid November. We were making it without my job. I was tired but I was the one there with my baby. God had provided through November for sure. This was August and I could rest in the fact that surely we could think of something by December to get us through. By this time God was making it clear I was to stay at home. I went to my boss in mid August and told him I would not be returning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today was our first day with our new puppy. Tatum has been so excited since Dan brought it home last night. She said "this is the greatest day mommy"!

Olivia was here playing with us and the two girls were cuddling in bed with me at nap time. They were the cutest sight. Livy put her head in Tatum's lap and Tatum played with her hair. She said "Livy your my best special friend" They love each other so much. I needed a picture of that moment.

While fixing Tatum's hair today she said "Uncle Dustin's hair is long and getting kind of crazy like a girl" She combed his hair last week and thought it was longer then Daddy's. Looks nothing like a girl but it was a funny comment.

Titus wasn't feeling well today. Yesterday he woke up from his nap sounding like he had croup again but he never started weezing. I took him outside, we ran humidifiers, and put vicks on him. It never got very bad this time. The first time he had it we stayed two nights in the hospital and the second time he had two rounds of steroid shots. We went in to the Dr today and his ears are all clear after a couple weeks of runny nose. I think he is finally out growing ear problems.

Titus and Livy also loved playing with the puppy today. They both kept opening the door and letting him in. Titus did it all day. This could be a problem because I don't want an inside dog. Puppy already thinks he has a right to come in. Not good! It was cute watching them sneak him in and play. The girls hauled puppy all over. It is a cute little rolly polly dog. He is all black part lab and part coon dog named "switch". Dan says this is a good boy dog name it is wakeboarding term.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My journey to a Mommy part 2

I took the job at the tall building in July and loved every minute of it. It was a great Christian company with lots of good Christian people. I don't know much about any other big companies but I am guessing not many have an email prayer chain and a once a week Bible study for the ones that are interested. I loved it and felt right at home. I worked as the receptionist until May 06' almost a year. I then was offered a position in the land department as their administrative assistant (secretary) I took that position and loved my boss and the people I was working with. They all treated each other so well and with respect. There was the occasional bouts of crankiness from people but all in all it was a very good job.

In July I had one year under my belt and had vacation time. Dan and I booked a cruise for September. We were thinking after that we might want to try for a baby but wasn't sure yet. Again I was at a job I loved and making good money and we knew we couldn't make it on Dan's salary a lone. We went on our cruise and had the time of our lives. We had a blast on other vacations but we still say this was our favorite thus far with just the two of us. We were both just enjoying and loving life and being away from work. We had such a good time just the two of us that when we got back we decided it wasn't our time for a baby. We went back to our normal routines and for some reason I started thinking again maybe I want a baby but I kept putting that thought aside.

The first part of October we were sitting in church and we sang the song that talks about a new born baby. I can't think for the life of me the name of that hymn right now. I started balling my eyes out. I have never cried at that song before! When we got home Dan asked what was wrong with me but I did not want to admitt that I wanted a baby because selfishly I still liked it just the two of us and wasn't sure how he felt. Finally that evening I told him I'm ready for a baby. I had to wrestle with my own emotions and God some before I could admit what the problem really was. Dan said "Ok, I'm ready for a baby just been waiting on you to tell me when." Wow, that would have saved a lot of my time if I would have known he was all ready. I thought it was going to be a hard decision for us.

The first part of November we found out we were pregnant. (I know that didn't take long). I looked at that as another sign that God was telling us it was time. A couple weeks later we went for the first ultra sound. Just typing this brings back the excited feeling I had and all the new feelings of our first baby! It makes me want to cry just thinking about those times and I had no idea how much I could love my sweet baby. Anyways back on track. We started saving every thing we could. We had a house by this point, car payment, and student loans. We knew we wanted me to be a stay at home mom but wasn't sure how that could happen. I made more money so we even considered Dan staying home. He knew pretty quickly that wasn't for him.

At my first ultrasound we found out that I had a double uterous which in it's self brought on a new set of worries. We didn't know how long I would be able to carry a baby. I couldn't stay on my feet long periods of time or raise up and down putting files and things away. My work was really good about this and watching out for me and baby Tatum. In May 07', Dan spent 5 days in the hospital after having his appendix removed. That took a big junk of our savings out and his days off. He only had 10 days vacation and 5 sick days. He only had 5 vacation days left after all of that.

On June 15th Dan and I went to a movie. While sitting in the theatre my water broke. I wasn't sure what had happened because I had just used the restroom and it was four weeks early. I waited a few minutes and felt it again. I leaned over to Dan told him what I thought was happening. We left the movie then went home to get our bags and my Mom. We arrived to the hospital around 10:00 and had our first beautiful baby girl at 12:49 am on June 16, 2007.

With my company I got 12 weeks short term disability after having a baby. The first week after we got home Dan had to work because the next week he was doing the music for church camp. This is when things started going a little crazy for me. The first night he pulled out of the drive and off to camp I thought I was about to lose it. I was terrified something was going to happen to him and I would be raising a baby all on my own and I had no clue what I was doing. That should have been my first clue I probably needed some medicine of some kind a little help. My hormones were crazy, but I thought I was fine and would pull through soon.

From the moment we got home I was thinking I do not want someone else watching my baby, how can we afford for me to stay home, and how can I give up a great job. Dan was only bringing home about $18,000 per year!! I know poverty level! How can we live off that?!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day two

I think I have one of the funniest little girls I have ever met! Tatum has such a big imagination. Last night she came in with her baby doll and said "Mommy this is Heather's baby, her name is Lilly". Heather is my sister in law, her and my brothers baby is due in June. They are having a girl but are waiting to tell us her name when she is born. Her middle name is Ruth so we refer to her as Baby Ruth right now. I guess we have rubbed off on Tatum with the name guessing thing. We can't wait to meet all our new cousins that are coming this summer. We have three new girls coming in a three week time period.

As Dan was running on the treadmil last weekend Tatum said "lets tend" (pretend) that we don't know each other". He agreed to go along. She asked what his name was and he made something up and she asked who he lived with. He answered and asked who she lives with. She didn't think or skip and beat and said "
John Blair" We laughed so hard. She knows John but has always acted shy around him. For those that don't know him, John is a really tall guy with a pony tale and could be a little scary to kids but he loves little kids and is so good with them! He works the church baby nursery every Sunday morning with his wife.

I have to make sure to write down all the funny stuff she says because there is so much I can't even remember it all to type it now.

Last week I got Titus some new feetie pjs. I thought they were so cute with strippes all the way down. I put them on him and he did not like them at all. He doesn't have lots of sentences yet but he stuck his little hand out and said "Too much"! He didn't like them at all. He kept yelling "too much" until I took them off. The next day when Dan asked if he wanted them he said "Too much" again. He was so serious! Can't believe he has a preference! He is to funny!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My first Blog

I am going to give this blog thing a shot. I will do my best to keep up with it. I make sure and journal every so often what is going on in our lives and with both kids. I plan to do it more often now that I have a blog. I would love to have documentation of our lives through the years of all we experience together.

I am Launi, happily married to Dan and we have two children Tatum, 3 years old and Titus 2 years. Right now our big challenge of the week is Titus no longer wants to wear a diaper. He wants to wear his cars underpants that he found in his drawer. He has successfully used the potty several times and we have started  potty chart. The chart worked great for Tatum so we are trying it again with Titus. He loves putting the stickers on after he does his business. I am not sure he is ready for this potty training thing or not. He seems so young. I am not going to push this issue at all just going to see where it goes from here.

We are working with Tatum to learn a new verse every week. My mother in law Dianna has a bible memorization book for little ones that she used with her boys. It is the ABC's of the Bible. This week we are on D. Ahhh my cup runneth over just hearing my baby girl recite from God's word. She doesn't know full verses yet or where they are found. We are on the 3 year old program and then at 5 or 6 years we go back and learn the rest with them.

All we like sheep have gone astray.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.
Children obey your parents in the Lord.
Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you.

These are the verses she has learned so far. It is so cute to hear Titus say "All we like sheep have gone astray". Maybe I'll figure out how to put the video up eventually.

How we got where we are today....
I'll start telling you a little of our story at a time. It would take way to long in one post. Dan and I started dating 10 years ago this past December. We met at Hillsdale FWB College and have been together ever since. We married 4 years later June 5, 2004. We had a great college life and wouldn't change it for the world. I met so many life long friends there and my soul mate. We moved back home in 2005 and got jobs. He started work at a bank and a month later I got a job at an oil company as the receptionist. The job was a total God thing that fell right smack in my lap.

Ok I will start there...
Dan and I had lived at home for almost two full months. He found a job right off the bat. This was my home turf why was I having troubles. Well it was because I was looking and not letting God do the work. This particular morning Dan had already left for work and I fell flat on my face in prayer on the bathroom rug. This is where most big prayer meetings with God have happened in my life. There is no place more humbling. I cried out to him and sobbed because I was getting scared. We had a new apartment, car payment, insurance and student loans. Our savings was starting to run low and we couldn't make it on Dan's salary a lone. I put my plea before the Lord. We knew it was our time to move and felt it was the right time. I asked him to show me exactly where to go. At the time we had a dog and I was dog sitting for a friend. I got off the bathroom floor feeling totally at peace again with our decision and took the dogs outside. God had told me to wait he would take care of us. I left my phone inside. When I got back in I had several missed calls and voicemails from my Mom. My former boss' wife was trying to get a hold of me because her company was hiring and she had put a good word in for me. I could not believe God worked so fast. Again I dropped to my knees and thanked God for answering my prayers so fast. I knew this is what I was waiting for. I had an interview the next day and before I even got home my new boss was calling saying the job was mine if I wanted it.

God has shown himself to me like this over and over. Growing up I always wanted to work in a building with several floors and lots of business people. He gave me those desires of my heart and he has also given me the chance to be a stay at home mom. I also always wanted to stay home with my babies when they came a long. The journey here was not an easy one but its been a good one. 

The rest of the story will come. I am here to tell you if there is a will there is a way....