Our little family

Our little family

Monday, September 28, 2015

School life

Life with my children getting older is busier. Ever step of the way I have thought this is my favorite age. Tatum is 8 and Titus is 6. Again this is my favorite age. They make us laugh everyday. They are both are so smart and hard workers. They are already way better at school then I ever was. I want them to always feel like they can do anything they want to do.

Titus was nervous about starting first grade because they have spelling tests. He cried the night before school started. He has never done that before. We prayed with him and assured him that he can do anything. When he got to my classroom after school the first words out of his mouth was " Mom first grade is fun and we didn't even have a spelling test." Since then we have had several spelling tests and he has done great. He wants to go over and over them until test day. Titus' love language is affection and words of affirmation. He loves to hold hands, give hugs and to tell us he loves us.

Tatum is in second grade and is ahead of things. She is starting to learn some multiplication during class center times. She loves to read and write. She is very organized and on top of things. She keeps her daddy and I in line when it comes to her work. She is involved in Play days, softball and wants to start basketball this year. She has such a sweet heart and loves her friends and family with everything in her. Quality time is her love language. Nothing fills her bucket like fun time together. She loves to be at home. Yesterday after being gone a lot through the weekend we wanted to go ride bikes. Tatum said "No, can we please just stay home?" This is her safe and happy place. Both my babies love to play the I love you game. They say hey mom guess what? Then try to beat me to say I love you.

Dan is now Dean of students at the high school. He stays busy during the school year going to ball games and school events. He some how found time to coach both kids in baseball and softball. He is such a good daddy and husband. He always makes time for us at home. He works hard and is good at his job. It is not always an easy job and I love how he handles himself and students.

I love teaching fifth grade. It has it's challenges but the students are so fun. We are trying something new this year. I am teaching social studies. Last week we did plays to act out the explorers finding the new world and claiming new land. They loved it. I am trying to think of every way possible to help them remember. It is a lot of information and a big time period they have to cover. I am also taking an online class through NSU. It is Intro to Special Education. I am learning so much through this class and through the education system.

My sleeping beauties the week before school started. Meet their teacher night and first day of school. 

Tatum and her daddy riding rides at the fair.

Mommy and Tatum date day. Daddy and Tatum date night out skating. She loves these moments about her.

Titus is our animal/creature lover. He loves all things that move. 

Play days are the best. Time with great friends and horses. We love it and are trying to enjoy every moment with our kiddos. 

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  1. Love the posts. Such a good idea to keep track with your kiddos.