Our little family

Our little family

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cheyenne Frontier Days 2015

We had a great vacation with great friends this summer to Cheyenne, WY. We rented a house that Cassie found on Craigslist. We were not really sure what we were getting into. The house turned out to be a little older and needing some updates but it was clean and a place the kids could play and sleep comfortably. Titus said it's the coolest house ever because it has a zip line. I say it was a win. We left on a Wednesday night after Dan got out of class. We drove all night and ate breakfast in CO. Next stop was Denver to see Cassie's brother in law and tour his jet. Next stop was to eat at Casa Bonita. This is a childhood restaurant we all in enjoyed growing up so we wanted to try out the original one.

Here we are after driving all night. So sleepy and hungry! Looking a little rough!

Friday morning off to the pancake breakfast. They served over 6,000 people in one morning. The line never stops moving and we only stood in it 15 mins. The pancakes were hot and really good. The boy scouts are there helping. The batter is mixed in cement trucks and they throw the pancakes behind their backs to the catchers.

Next stop the "Bid Daddy of Em All" Rodeo. Largest rodeo venue in the country.
One of the craziest events we watched was the Wild Horse races. Teams of three have to saddle and get on a wild horse and ride it all the way around the track. These guys are crazy.

Saturday we went to the parade. It was the longest parade I have ever attended. We did some shopping, sight seeing, watching gun slingers and then toured the governor's mansion. I love history and seeing historical sights. WY was a head of it's time in the women's rights movement. The first state to let women vote and count them as a resident for statehood.  Saturday evening we went to a dinner show at the Bit-O-WYO ranch. The food and entertainment were well worth it.


Last day of our trip we went to Finals Sunday, Indian Village, Pioneer Town, and let the kids ride the carnival rides. We also took a chutes tour. They took us on a tour of the bucking chutes and where the contestants enter and leave. 

 Titus approved of their kettle korn. That is his favorite kind of popcorn.

Last stop Buffalo Bill Cody's place in NE. We had a great trip and got to see a lot of fun new places across the country. We can't wait for the next adventure.

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  1. I just saw that you have posted again. I love getting to see all of your adventures and what the kids think through it all. Keep them coming since we don't get to talk very often.